Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rethinking the risk management rule book

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Global recalls of seemingly obscure but omnipresent raw materials and ingredients; international food safety scares over staple foods; concerns and confusion around when, and at what level, the presence of certain chemicals in food or packaging is a hazard; labelling confusion and verification disputes…
These kinds of food and drink health and safety scares are becoming ever more commonplace all over the world and in all sectors, from flavours to baby food and confectionery. And, increasingly, they illustrate why conventional ways and means of anticipating and dealing with risk and full-blown food-borne threats are no longer adequate and demand a rethink.
This chapter looks at a new momentum in cross-silo collaboration in risk management in this industry, as well as the supply chain drivers that are forcing boardroom teams to sit up and take notice of risk and reputation management as central planks of their business strategy and brand longevity.


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